Aims and Scope

Healthcare and Medical Technology encompasses a range of services or systems, such as electronic health records, telemedicine, health knowledge management, m-health or mobile health and healthcare information systems. E-healthcare is especially important in countries or areas which are remote and where physical health infrastructure may be sparse. Essentially, e-healthcare enables two places with similar problems to share knowledge and technology; without having to replicate the efforts. With large-scale emerging technologies such as cloud computing, wireless networks and mobile computing solutions, such as cellular 3G, Wi-Fi mesh, WiMAX, Bluetooth, RFID, and Wireless Sensor Networks, healthcare personnel can tap into vital information anywhere and at any time within the healthcare networks. Ubiquitous healthcare, although promising, there are myriad challenges associated with realizing its vision. This journal aims to gather researches advance methodologies, strategies, frameworks, architectures and algorithms for emerging technologies applied in e-healthcare systems.

Topics Covered

The topics covered by Journal of Healthcare and Medical Technology include the following but not limited to:
Biomedical and Biosensors Engineering Security, Biomedicine and Medical Informatics Security, Emerging e-health Applications and Security, Securing Health and Healthcare Applications, Secure Medical Communications, Secure Multi-agent Systems for e-Health, Telemedicine and Mobile Telemedicine Security, Health Information Exchange (HIE) Security, EPR (Electronic patient record) Security, E-health Context awareness RFID for e-health applications, Cloud computing in e-health context, Artificial intelligence for healthcare, Bioinformatics, Machine learning for e-healthcare, Medical services, Mobile communication, Sensor applications, Biomedical monitoring, Smart health paradigm, Context-aware health paradigm, Mobile health technology, Ubiquitous computing for healthcare, Healthcare tools and applications, Wireless Sensor Networks for healthcare, Bluetooth for healthcare, Electronic health records, Ubiquitous Healthcare.



  • Farid Menaa, International Consulting Expert Healthcare and Biosystems, Paris, France.

Editorial Boards

  • Tomaz Amon, Center for Scientific Visualization – Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Salwani Mohd Daud, University Technology Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Viorel G Florea, University of Minnesota, USA
  • Roberto Verna, University of Rome, Italy
  • Sambhaji Govind Chintale, Muhs Nashik University, India
  • Ping-Tsai Chung, Long Island University, New York, USA