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The past few years have seen Data Science and Big Data moving forward dramatically. While Big Data may not technically be a technology it is going to be a massive disruptor. The entire business world has been transformed and will continue to be so in the upcoming years. Humanized big data is just a part of that. At the heart of things, humanizing big data seems like something that would be the opposite of productive and certainly counter-intuitive. The reality is that big data must start and end with humanity. Because people are the source of big data, they must also be heavily involved in processing and interpretation. To get value from Big Data, you must add contextual information and place analytical capability in the hands of those who need it. In other words, Big Data needs to be “humanized”: taken from the world of bits and bytes and converted into real insight for real business people. This journal aims to address humanized big data, gather researches on advanced methodologies, strategies, frameworks, architectures, and algorithms that can effectively be used for humanizing big data.

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