Aims and Scope

Cloud Computing offers many features that are necessary to build a fully distributed cloud. In traditional cloud computing offers very limited computing capacities to run distributed applications: few kb of storage, very inefficient virtual machine and very high latency protocol. Of course blockchain technologies will evolve to overcome some of these issues, but there will be a need to provide additional capacities for the most demanding applications. A blockchain-based distributed cloud will allow on-demand, secure and low-cost access to the most competitive computing infrastructures. The distributed cloud will help move the processing intelligence where the data are, even if they are on the edges of the network. This will lower the data movement, thus improving traffic, latency and QoS. This journal aims to gather researches on advance methodologies, strategies, frameworks, architectures and algorithms that can effectively be used for blockchain and distributed cloud computing implementation.

Topics Covered

The topics covered by Journal of Cloud Computing and Applications Services include the following but not limited to:
Distributed Cloud Computing, Desktop Grid Computing, Crowd-sourced computing, Distributed Systems, Blockchain Transaction, Open-source Desktop Grid Software, Peer-to-peer decentralized Cloud Storage Solution, Blockchain Technology, Cryptography to Encrypt Files, Peer to Peer Network, Centralized Ledger, Blockchain Cloud Storage Solutions, Edge Computing, IoT, Blockchain Applications, Smart Contracts, Cloud Computing, Block Mining, Block Mining, Data Provenance, Proof-of-work, Block Withholding, Distributed Ledger, Pool Mining, Blockchain Security and Vulnerability, Hierarchical Distributed Control System.


Volume 1, No. 1, 2020


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Editorial Boards

  • Bulent Akkaya, Manisa Celal Bayar University, Turkey
  • Nurul Mohammad Zayed, Daffodil International University, Bangladesh
  • Adewale Adekiya, Bayero University, Nigeria
  • Rayhanul Islam, Daffodil International University, Bangladesh
  • Vincent Onodugo, University of Nigeria, Nigeria
  • Amando P. Singun Jr., Higher College of Technology, Oman
  • Peter H. Antoniou, California State University San Marcos, USA
  • Andrew Mangle, Bowie State University, USA
  • Valentina Della Corte, University of Naples, Italy