Aims and Scope

Journal of AI and Virtual Management discusses about recent and future research progress on AI and virtual reality. The virtual reality (VR) market has made significant strides throughout 2016. New VR headsets debuted amid great consumer anticipation. At the same time, industry groups and conferences brought developers, investors, and content producers together, helping to further ramp up buzz in this nascent space. The objective of this journal is to bring together research contributions on the design, specification, and implementation of architectures, protocols, and algorithms for current and future virtual reality.

Topics Covered

The topics covered by Journal of A.I. and Virtual Management include the following but not limited to:
Artificial Intelligence in Modeling and Simulation, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Biometric Authentication, Camera Networks and Vision, Cognitive Systems and Applications, Computer Vision, Decision Support Systems, Distributed AI Systems and Architectures, Evolutionary Data Mining, Fuzzy Pattern Recognition Multimedia Systems and Applications, Natural Language Processing, Neural Network Theory, Architectures and Applications, Signal Processing, Video Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Fuzzy Control and Intelligent Systems, Fuzzy Decision Making and Decision Support Systems, Fuzzy Optimization and Design, Locomotion and Navigation in Virtual Environments, Perception, Presence, Virtual Embodiment, and Cognition, Social interaction and computing, End User Programming and Development, Tracking and Sensing, Advanced Display Technology, Immersive Projection Technology, Computer Graphics Techniques for VR/AR/MR, Modeling and Simulation, Computer Graphics Techniques for VR/AR/MR, Virtual Humans and Avatars, Augmented and Virtual Reality for Customer Engagement, Multi-user and Distributed VR/AR/MR, VR Systems and Toolkits.



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