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    Effects of Nail Art on Depression, Self-Esteem and Vitality of the Female Elderly in the Community
    Volume 1, No. 1, June 2020 | 6 pages| http//dx.doi.org/10.46410/jhmt.2020.1.1.01


    Muyeong seak Yang, Jesus University, Korea
    Hyangeun You, Jesus University, Korea


    This is a study in which the purpose is to investigate the psychological changes of women receiving nail art procedures. With particular regard to depression, self-esteem, and vital signs which are said to be the biggest problems among senior citizens in modern society. We investigated the positive effects of nail art procedures such as reduced depression, improved self-esteem and vital signs in elderly women. Through this study, we hope that nail art procedures will be established as a daily program to help women who suffer from mental health problems; and that nail art procedures, which are accessible in everyday life by all ages, can positively contribute to the psychology of people.


    Depression, Nail Art, Self-esteem, Senior citizen, Vital Signs.


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