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Journal of Convergence Technologies and Smart Application


The world of home automation is changing and converging. As the IoT is increasingly being used for smart home use cases and there has been quite some increasing hype around all sorts of smart home labeled products and future home scenarios, the concept of the real connected smart home is more popular than ever. Home automation is an essential part of a smart home, and even the concept and reality of a smart or intelligent home as such go back to long before the term Internet of Things was even coined. This journal aims to address IoT development, gather researches on advance methodologies, strategies, frameworks, architectures and algorithms that can effectively be used for smart home in the age of internet of things.


  • Home Automation and Smart Homes
  • Smart House
  • Intelligent Home
  • Connected Home and Home Automation
  • Room Control Functions
  • Mechanical Ventilation Control
  • Energy Metering
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Heating Controls and Radiators
  • Lighting Control
  • Smart Home Solutions
  • Smart Home Context
  • Smart Home Standardization
  • Connected Home Solutions
  • Smart Home Automation Forecasts
  • WoT Architectures Such as Things-centric
  • Future Internet Design for WoT
  • Cloud-based WoT
  • Systems for use in Smart Home and City
  • WoT Enabling Technologies such as Sensors
  • Radio Frequency Identification
  • Low Power and Energy Harvesting
  • Sensor Networks
  • Machine-type Communication
  • Resource-constrained Networks
  • Real-time Systems
  • WoT Data Analytics
  • Embedded Software
  • WoT Services
  • Applications
  • Standards
  • Streaming Data Management
  • Mining Platforms for Smart City Application
  • Open Service Platform
  • Semantic Service Management
  • WoT Application Support
  • WoT Interactions
  • Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics with     WoT
  • Web of Things Architecture
  • Interoperability of WoT Systems
  • Data Sharing and acceptance of WoT     Systems
  • Software Defined Network (SDN) and WoT
  • Sensor and Actuator Networks
  • Ultra-low Power WoT Technologies and     Embedded Systems Architectures
  • Wearables
  • Smart Portable Devices
  • Design Space Exploration Techniques for     WoT Devices and Systems
  • Heterogeneous Networks
  • Web of Things
  • Web of Everything
  • WoT Protocols
  • Guidelines
    Design of MAC Protocol for Efficient Data Storage and Transmission Using Reinforce Learning
    Volume 1, No. 1, September 2020 | 8 pages| http//dx.doi.org/10.46410/jctsa.2020.1.1.04


    Hyun Joo Park, Sangmyung University, Cheonan, Korea
    Seong Cheol Kim, Sangmyung University, Seoul, Korea


    In this paper, we propose a data storage and transmission algorithm using Reinforce learning to store and transmit according to priorities to increase the efficiency of the wireless sensor network. The protocol not only stores data by applying the priority of data but also guarantees priority transmission with various probabilities during transmission. The transmission data is divided into Event Data and Normal Data according to the content and stored in the transmission queue by priority using RL-Classifier. Besides, to apply the priority of data when transmitting the data stored in the queue, the transmission probability is applied differently. It can be seen that performance is improved through comparison with QAML-MAC, which has been proposed to improve data storage and transmission efficiency.


    MAC protocol, Priority aware, Reinforce-learning, Throughput, Quality of Service


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